There are plenty of ways for you to get involved at Innovo!

The ability to do what Jesus did was never something that happened to people in some kind of instant spiritual download. Jesus taught a way of life, of intimacy with the Father and empowerment by the Spirit, that issued out into kingdom living and could be passed on to the next generation. At Innovo that means that we want to provide training and opportunities for you to be involved in Kingdom ministry. Because we want to help you find your place in God's plan we create places for you to test your wings and see what God has for you! At Innovo you can find weekly and monthly opportunities to help people, reach out to our neighborhood, volunteer at local schools, pray for the sick and hurting, teach children, serve on Sunday mornings at a worship gathering or be on a serving team. Regardless of your personality, your history, or your gifting, Jesus wants to involve you in his plan for the world.


Find out more at the Welcome Center at Innovo Vineyard Church!


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