Upcoming Events

Lewis Erickson Seminar
We are thrilled to have author Lewis Erickson at Innovo to lead us in a time of teaching and training! Come improve your leadership as Lewis challenges us to see our life and circumstances from God's perspective! Invite a friend to join us and come enjoy this amazing seminar!
October 1-2 at 6:30pm at Innovo
Trunk or Treat Outreach
Come show the love of the Lord Jesus as we give away candy and a free meal to our neighbors. Decorate your car, bring some candy and get ready to meet our neighbors! Sign up i nthe selcome center and get ready for a great time! 
Leadership Training
At the beginning of this year we felt challenged by the Lord to broaden our leadership base by training and preparing leaders for the days ahead. We are offering this training to help you lead like never before and to be ready to meet the challenges that you will face in the future!  Wednesday nights at 6:30


Food Distribution
On the first Saturday of every month we distribute food to our neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to come help prepare, serve and pray with our neighbors!
Vineyard National Conference 
Consider joining us as we head to Phoenix, AZ for this year's Vineyard National Conference. Learn from Vineyard leaders from across the globe and enjoy a refreshing and powerful time in the Presence of the Lord! Stay tuned for more info over the coming months!
October 18-22

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